March 30, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

If you're into reading blogs, I'm sure you've heard of The Pioneer Woman. And if you haven't, you must be living under a rock. Or photography, cooking, and romantic love stories about cowboys and city girls just arn't your thing. I'm huge fan personally, I own both her cookbook and Black Heels and Tractor Wheels, and my favorite part of her website is her photography section. Every few weeks she has a photo assignment and I almost always sift through my pictures on Flickr to find one that might be good enough to be featured on her website.

Earlier this week she posted a new assignment. Horses. At first I thought to myself, as much as I love horses and miss my younger days when I wasn't allergic to them and could ride them, I don't have any pictures of horses. Heck, I live in Los Angeles, why would I have a picture of a horse.

But then I remembered my trip to Mammoth this past summer. I remembered our little detour into Yosemite. I remembered our quest to find a restroom which led us to parking next to some horse stables. And then I remembered one of my favorite pictures of two horses pulling at each other. So I headed on over to Flickr, found the photo and submitted it. As usual I figured there was no way my photo would get picked with how many hundreds of people enter.

And then yesterday while sitting at a restaurant, I checked my Facebook on my phone and saw that Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) had posted a link to the first group of her favorites. So I clicked on over, like I usually do, to see if my photo was good enough to get featured.

pioneer woman.png

As I scrolled down, I saw something familiar. Wait a minute. That's my photo!

pioneer woman 2.png

You can ask my sister in law. I literally froze and stopped listening to what she was trying to say to me. And then I had to attempt to explain that a blogger who I love who has millions of followers just put my picture, little old me, on her blog for the world to see.

Ya, I'm just a little excited!

Now go on over there and tell her how much you love the photo and maybe I could win something shiny and fun (her words not mine!)!

The Pioneer Woman Photo Assignment: Group 1

March 9, 2011

February Snow

The weather has been really weird at our house lately. One day it's gorgeous and sunny, and then next it's pouring rain. Two weekends ago it even snowed.
Yes, you heard me right, SNOW.
At our house.
In Los Angeles.

So like every other person in our neighborhood we ran outside, took pictures, and played with our half an inch of snow like it was a snow day.




I now have a picture on this corner from the fires last year, the snow covered mountain later last year, and now covered in snow itself!


We headed up to the Deukmejian Wilderness Park where it had really snowed. There were snowball fights and snowmen!





Got any weird weather stories?

March 2, 2011

Engagement: Brian & Clare


There are some couples I will never forget. Brian and Clare are one of those couples. They met in high school, she thought he was cute and he was to shy to get her number. A few years after they graduated they bumped into each other again, and the rest is history. Since then they've moved all over the country, from their home state of Texas, to Washington D.C., getting engaged at a Bed and Breakfast on the East Coast, to moving to California for Brian to go to Law School at USC.

Brian and Clare, I had so much fun at the beach with you two! It was fun for me to share some of my California knowledge with some new Californians! I hope your wedding in Texas is everything you dream of!



Is it just me or could Clare be Emily Henderson's twin? Clearly I watch to much HGTV...























Remember, 20 comments get Brian and Clare a free 8x10 print!