June 27, 2012


Hi everyone!!!

I've got a 4 exciting announcements coming your way!

First off, I'll be launching my first full fledged website this week! I've been working like an animal on it and I'm so proud of it! 
Here's a little sneak peek:


But that also means that if you follow my blog via Google Reader, etc. you need to update your RSS feed! 
The new blog address will be:

Please update now so you don't miss any updates!

(And please, please, please be patient as I make the switch!)

I will now be offering incentives for referrals! See below for details:

My pricing for weddings and other shoots has also slightly changed! Check it out:

weddings pricing other pricing

And, as a final announcement, I'm now a featured vendor on Wedding Wire (and Project Wedding, Martha Stewart Weddings, Weddingbee, etc...)! So if you're a past client, head on over and add your review!

weddingwire homeportfoliocontact

June 25, 2012

Wedding: David & Leslie

The wedding couldn't have been more "them". 


Exactly what David and Leslie are.

It was a beautiful day full of love, friendship, and amazing little details.
I feel lucky to shoot weddings like this.

David and Leslie, I am so happy for you both! Thank you so much for bringing me into your lives and letting me capture these special moments!

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