June 7, 2012

Wedding: Brian & Elise

I've known the Brumm family since as long as I can remember. We all went to church together growing up. Their oldest daughter was a year above me and their middle daughter was a year below me, so even though we knew each other, we never ran in the same circles.

Fast forward many years, and now Elise (the middle daughter!) is getting married! It was such an honor to be asked by her mother to come to the wedding and act as an extra shooter, someone who could catch everything the main photographers miss throughout the day (we can't be everywhere! Even the best of us miss things!).

Elise and Brian, thank you for letting me be part of your big day!

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I think these are my 2 favorite bouquet toss pictures I've ever taken. In the first one she went to toss the bouquet and it fell right behind her. During the second picture (and second try!) someone from the crowd yelled right as she was tossing it, "Throw it to Grandma!". You can see what she thought of that comment :)

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