March 31, 2010

Macro: Hydrangea

Yesterday Doug came home with some exciting news! He won the award for Teacher of the Year at the school he teaches at! I'm so proud :)

As part of his award he was given a cute little hydrangea plant, which I confiscated and called my own the second I saw it. It's just so pretty! And plus, my Macro needed some practice and there is no subject better then a pretty plant!







I haven't done ring shots in awhile, so I thought I'd do some!




March 24, 2010

Sports: LA Marathon 2010

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while you know that my husband has run the LA Marathon for the last 2 years. And you also know that my family and I chase after him in our car and cheer him on at every mile marker we can get to.

Because I don't run. I will never run. Never ever ever ever.

Instead I get up at 5am and chase after him in the car for almost 6 hours :)

This year was no different. My mom and I drove Doug out to the starting line at Dodger Stadium. The view of LA was amazing from our parking spot.
Marathon2010001 copy

No, that's not the sunrise on our legs. That would be the headlights from the (rude) person parking next to us.

Marathon2010002 copy

About an hour later the races finally started! First off were the wheelchair racers. These guys were flying down the hill!

Marathon2010003 copy

Marathon2010004 copy

Marathon2010006 copy

Marathon2010005 copy

Then came the elite women.

Marathon2010007 copy

The elite men started 18 minutes after the women. Which ever man or woman comes in first wins a bonus of $100,000. Typically the men pass the women, but this year a woman won!

Marathon2010008 copy

Marathon2010009 copy

The masses of people came after the elite men.
If you want to get your cut for the Boston Marathon, you have to beat this guy.

Marathon2010010 copy

My mom holds the sign to help Doug find us while I take pictures. :)

Marathon2010011 copy

Marathon2010012 copy

The outfits people wear make me laugh! How do you run 26.2 miles dressed as Elvis or Stitch???



West Hollywood didn't disappoint this year! Introducing the WeHo cheerleaders!




It was fun getting to walk through Beverly Hills neighborhoods. All the homes were so beautiful!

Marathon2010024 copy

Marathon2010029 copy

This guy was standing on the corner rocking out on his violin! He was really good!


I loved this lady's sign!
(If your the lady in this picture, I'm really sorry for taking your picture while you bent over! But I couldn't help myself!)

Marathon2010030 copy

Students Run LA is an amazing group of students who all train to run the marathon. There are so many of them! They all make me so proud :)

Marathon2010027 copy

Yes, his shirt says, "Fart if you like Polar Bears". And the other guy has a plane on his head.


Mile 25!


Marathon2010032 copy

He still was going strong! (And isn't he the sweetest!)


I'm so proud of my 3 time marathon runner!

Marathon2010037 copy

And next year we'll be right back out there chasing after him!

March 16, 2010

Engagement: Ursula & Mick

I was so excited when Ursula asked about doing an engagement shoot down at El Matador State Beach. It's absolutely breathtaking, as are Ursula and her fiance Mick. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. 80 and sunny, in March? So amazing!

Thank you for such an amazing shoot Ursula and Mick! You guys were so awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better couple, especially with me being sick a totally out of it. I hope you love the pictures as much as I do!






Ursula is the only person I've ever met who has a smaller ring size than me! Size 4! She beat me by half a size :)


It barely fits on Mick's pinky....