April 11, 2012

Wedding: Scott & Benita

Last month I had the honor of second shooting for Jenna of Jenna Cole Photography (aka That Wife & Mrs. Avocado!) down in San Diego. I've admired Jenna for as long as I've been in business, so it was a great experience getting to watch her shoot!

It was a crazy day, with both rain and wind, but the weather always cooperated right when we needed it to! The weather cleared up just in time for some pictures outdoors and then started sprinkling right when we were ready to go. It was perfect!

Scott & Benita, thank you for letting me join you for the second half of your big day! I wish you guys all the best!

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Jenna passed around her iPad with pictures from earlier in the day. It was so fun watching them view their pictures!

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April 5, 2012


It's amazing how an animal can become such a part of your life.
I don't take nearly enough pictures of this little cutie.

pixie0005 pixie0004 pixie0003 pixie0002 pixie0001 homeportfoliocontact

April 2, 2012


Wow time has flown! It's been a crazy couple of months, but I'm back!

Last month I flew out to Ohio for my best friends wedding (Sorry! I won't be sharing any photos!). I had never been to Ohio before, so it was fun to see a new state! I had some time to wander around my friends yard with my camera. It was fun to explore somewhere that wasn't California!

ohio0001 ohio0002 ohio0003 ohio0005 ohio0006 ohio0008 ohio0009 ohio0010 ohio0012 ohio0013 ohio0014 ohio0015 homeportfoliocontact