April 11, 2012

Wedding: Scott & Benita

Last month I had the honor of second shooting for Jenna of Jenna Cole Photography (aka That Wife & Mrs. Avocado!) down in San Diego. I've admired Jenna for as long as I've been in business, so it was a great experience getting to watch her shoot!

It was a crazy day, with both rain and wind, but the weather always cooperated right when we needed it to! The weather cleared up just in time for some pictures outdoors and then started sprinkling right when we were ready to go. It was perfect!

Scott & Benita, thank you for letting me join you for the second half of your big day! I wish you guys all the best!

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Jenna passed around her iPad with pictures from earlier in the day. It was so fun watching them view their pictures!

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Jenna Cole said...

It's so fun to see the day from your viewpoint! You were essential, not just because you helped me out with the rentals, but because of the angles and moments you captured as well. Let's do it again!

One of my favorite shots is the one of Benita with her arms slumped forward and Scott jumping next to her. Those of us that know her well know that is SO her!

Kelley said...

How cool to shoot with Jenna! Beautiful photos!!

Heather said...

Great photos, Laura! The bride's dress was gorgeous & that one shot with the cutie pie baby girl smiling & staring straight at the camera was perfect! :)