April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I really wish I could say I got up at 1am this morning to watch Prince William marry the love of his life Kate. But I didn't. I wanted to, but with a full work day ahead of me it just couldn't happen. Luckily we live in a world with DVR so I'll be able to watch the full event later tonight.

I did however jump out of bed this morning at 7am to watch the re-caps. There was the beautiful dress that fit her just perfectly. there were the trees that lined Westminster Abby, and there was the Prince waiting for her at the end of the aisle. But my favorite part? When Kate got to the end of the aisle and took his hand, William turned to Kate and told her...

"You look beautiful."

I was sitting there almost in tears. I couldn't hear him but I could read his lips. It was so sweet and so sincere. In the middle of their crazy day with millions of people watching, he took a second to tell her exactly how he felt about her at that moment. It wasn't meant for the world to hear, but it was heard loud and clear.

Have you watched the wedding yet? What was your favorite part? Share in the comments!

April 28, 2011

New York Part One: New Haven & Yale

I'm finally ready to show you my photos from our trip! After sorting through all 800 them, I've finally narrowed them down enough to show you :)

We started our trip by heading to New Haven, Connecticut. Why would we do that? My brilliant sister is there studying at Yale! I haven't been back to see her yet, so since we were so close we made the 2 hour trip up from New York.

We were starving by the time we got there, so we headed straight out to dinner! And what better place then the place that created the hamburger! Louis Lunch is a TINY little joint in the middle of New Haven. And by tiny I mean TINY. There is only seating for 10 people at most.


They still use the original ovens (is that what they are? I have no clue what to call them!) that they have always used!


These burgers are a little different then most. The bun is just white toasted bread, and they only come with tomato and onion! No ketchup! In fact, they have a sign that tells you you can't put ketchup on it!


The next day my mom and I walked around Yale before we met up with my sister. Yale totally reminds me of Oxford. It's almost creepy how similar they are!



Apparently if you rub the foot of the statue of Theodore Woodlsey it's good luck. Couldn't hurt!




After we met up with my sister, we got to check out the lab that she works in! It was fun looking at all the test tubes and chemical formulas that I will never understand.


Then we headed to East Rock Park. From the park you can see all of New Haven.


The next day we headed into New York City.... which I'll have for you next time!

April 26, 2011

FAQ: What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

The second most asked question I get about engagement shoots is, what should we wear?
Here are a few tips:

-Bring 2 outfits
We have two hours to shoot, so bring a change of clothes. By changing your outfit, it gives the photos two totally different looks!

- Wear something on the "fancy" side
Wear and outfit that makes you feel pretty (or handsome!)! It can be super fancy, or just a little nicer then your "everyday" outfit.


-Dress comfortable
Wear an outfit that is your "everyday" you. Jeans and a t-shirt. Casual dress. Something you can move around in.


-Don't be afraid of prints!
I hear so often not to wear prints for a photo shoot. I say, if you love it , wear it! The right print can look amazing in a photo!


-Bold colors
Don't be afraid to wear a bold color! They help the photo pop!


-Wear Black
Black is universally flattering! In photos, black can hide just about anything!


-Wear fun accessories
The simplest way to make a basic outfit pop is to wear some fun accessories! These can range from a chunky necklace, to cowboy boots, to a fun colored belt.


-Compliment each other, but don't be matchy-matchy!
This is my biggest one! No one likes those family photos where everyone is wearing the exact same thing (I know you've all seen those family beach photos were everyone is wearing a white button up and jeans!), so don't do it for your engagement photos! You can both wear the same color, but make it two different shades.


-Girls, leave the purse behind!
Nothing is more annoying then constantly trying to find somewhere to set your purse during a shoot. It makes for less spontaneous photos and can slow down the shoot. So please, leave it in the car!

-Treat the shoot like a date
Have a good time! Pretend the shoot is just a date that happens to have a camera tagging along. Take me to one of your favorite places to go on a date and show me your everyday lives. Those pictures can be just as good as the super posed ones, but they will have more meaning.

Got a question you'd like me to answer in a future FAQ post? Ask me in the comments!

April 22, 2011

Wedding: Lucas & Deanna

Saturday couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The sun was shining, it was warm, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! It was a beautiful day to get married!

Lucas and Deanna chose to get married in a place very near and dear to their hearts. Downtown Los Angeles has been a huge part of their relationship, so what better place to get married! We spent a ton of time getting to run around the city, first with Lucas and the bridal party, and then with Deanna and the bridal party!
(You won't see any shots of Lucas & Deanna, they are doing those shots in a few weeks!)

Thank you again to Andy Kitchen for letting me second shoot!










The groomsmen cracked me up! I love this series of silly & serious shots!





















April 19, 2011

FAQ: Where to do an Engagement Shoot

I'm going to be starting a new feature on the blog today! I'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients. To start off this series....

"Where would you suggest we do our engagement shoot?"

This question comes up in almost every meeting I have have with my clients. Choosing a location for your engagement photos is a huge decision! No only do you want the background of the photos to be great but you also want the photos to be meaningful. Every time I get asked this question my answer is always the same.

Pick somewhere that is important to you as a couple.


When the location is important to you, the photos will have more meaning. Alynne and David love going to Little Tokyo. When we did their engagement session there it was so much fun! Not only could they show me little bits and pieces of their lives, but they also were very comfortable knowing their surroundings.


Now, what if you don't have that special place?

My next suggestion is to look around for engagement photos you like. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Use google, search my blog, and/or look at other photographers blogs. Find a look that you like. Is it a beach look? Is it a park/nature look? Is it a city look?

The Beach Look

If you decide on the beach look, I usually suggest two options. The first being El Matador State Beach in Malibu.


I love this beach! It's beautiful. It has sea caves, tide pools, old staircases that lead to nowhere, and a sunset that can't be beat. This beach would be for couples that want romantic beach photos.

Keep in mind, if you pick this location you will be doing a lot of posing with rocks. If you (or your fiance!) don't like posing for the camera, this location may not be the best for you!


My second beach suggestion is the Santa Monica Pier.


This location is perfect for couples who want a beach location, but with some pops of color! It's also great for the couples who I mentioned above that don't like posing with rocks for 2 hours :) There are a ton of different locations on and below the pier to give you a great mix of photos, and a lot of different things to interact with!

DSC04745 copy

The Nature/Park Look


I think most people would be surprised by the beautiful pictures that can be taken at your local park. The one in the photo below is a park that's down the street from my house! (If you're near La Crescenta, try CV Park! I love it!) Is there a park near you that has some special features like a bridge or a stream? How about one with a rose garden or a pond? These can all be great options!


Don't think your park is good enough? Would you be surprised if I told you the photo below was taken at a park with only one tree in it? Don't rule out any location!


The City Look


Downtown LA has so many options for photo shoots. There's the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Library, the many statues that litter the streets of downtown, Angels Flight, Chinatown, and etc. All of these would be great photo locations!


I hope this helps with your search for a location!

Have another question for a FAQ post? Let me know in the comments!