April 26, 2011

FAQ: What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

The second most asked question I get about engagement shoots is, what should we wear?
Here are a few tips:

-Bring 2 outfits
We have two hours to shoot, so bring a change of clothes. By changing your outfit, it gives the photos two totally different looks!

- Wear something on the "fancy" side
Wear and outfit that makes you feel pretty (or handsome!)! It can be super fancy, or just a little nicer then your "everyday" outfit.


-Dress comfortable
Wear an outfit that is your "everyday" you. Jeans and a t-shirt. Casual dress. Something you can move around in.


-Don't be afraid of prints!
I hear so often not to wear prints for a photo shoot. I say, if you love it , wear it! The right print can look amazing in a photo!


-Bold colors
Don't be afraid to wear a bold color! They help the photo pop!


-Wear Black
Black is universally flattering! In photos, black can hide just about anything!


-Wear fun accessories
The simplest way to make a basic outfit pop is to wear some fun accessories! These can range from a chunky necklace, to cowboy boots, to a fun colored belt.


-Compliment each other, but don't be matchy-matchy!
This is my biggest one! No one likes those family photos where everyone is wearing the exact same thing (I know you've all seen those family beach photos were everyone is wearing a white button up and jeans!), so don't do it for your engagement photos! You can both wear the same color, but make it two different shades.


-Girls, leave the purse behind!
Nothing is more annoying then constantly trying to find somewhere to set your purse during a shoot. It makes for less spontaneous photos and can slow down the shoot. So please, leave it in the car!

-Treat the shoot like a date
Have a good time! Pretend the shoot is just a date that happens to have a camera tagging along. Take me to one of your favorite places to go on a date and show me your everyday lives. Those pictures can be just as good as the super posed ones, but they will have more meaning.

Got a question you'd like me to answer in a future FAQ post? Ask me in the comments!