April 13, 2011

New York: "Love Locks"

I'm back!

New York was a blast and I can't wait to share photos with you! But since I took almost 1,500... you'll have to wait until next week to see them :)

In the mean time, I wanted to share one special photo with you.

When my mom an I were walking along the Brooklyn Bridge I noticed something a little out of the ordinary. Attached to the tower of the bridge were some locks. And not just one or two, but ten. Some were padlocks, some were combination locks, some were big, some were small, some were colorful, and others were gold. Upon further examination I noticed that each one had a couples name written or engraved on it. I showed my mom and she said that my dad had just read about a similar phenomenon in Russia.


They are called "Love Locks". According to Wikipedia, "Love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a fence or similar public fixture to symbolize their love." By putting their love lock somewhere for everyone to see, and throwing the key in the river, it symbolizes how their love will last forever. I love the idea of attaching your love lock onto another couple's lock and another couple attaching their lock onto yours.

Some people complain about how they are littering the bridge, but from what I saw, unless you are very attentive you would never notice them. And as someone who's job it is to capture love, it's reassuring how many couples still believe in love that lasts forever! I hope one day I can take my husband to the Brooklyn Bridge to leave our own love lock :)


Jennifer said...

That is sooooo amazing!!! I hope to be able to do the same one with my hubby!

Can't wait to see the rest of your pics :)

Kristi said...

Have you seen the picture I have of the love bridge in Kiev? There are just a few more locks on that bridge