April 19, 2011

FAQ: Where to do an Engagement Shoot

I'm going to be starting a new feature on the blog today! I'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients. To start off this series....

"Where would you suggest we do our engagement shoot?"

This question comes up in almost every meeting I have have with my clients. Choosing a location for your engagement photos is a huge decision! No only do you want the background of the photos to be great but you also want the photos to be meaningful. Every time I get asked this question my answer is always the same.

Pick somewhere that is important to you as a couple.


When the location is important to you, the photos will have more meaning. Alynne and David love going to Little Tokyo. When we did their engagement session there it was so much fun! Not only could they show me little bits and pieces of their lives, but they also were very comfortable knowing their surroundings.


Now, what if you don't have that special place?

My next suggestion is to look around for engagement photos you like. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Use google, search my blog, and/or look at other photographers blogs. Find a look that you like. Is it a beach look? Is it a park/nature look? Is it a city look?

The Beach Look

If you decide on the beach look, I usually suggest two options. The first being El Matador State Beach in Malibu.


I love this beach! It's beautiful. It has sea caves, tide pools, old staircases that lead to nowhere, and a sunset that can't be beat. This beach would be for couples that want romantic beach photos.

Keep in mind, if you pick this location you will be doing a lot of posing with rocks. If you (or your fiance!) don't like posing for the camera, this location may not be the best for you!


My second beach suggestion is the Santa Monica Pier.


This location is perfect for couples who want a beach location, but with some pops of color! It's also great for the couples who I mentioned above that don't like posing with rocks for 2 hours :) There are a ton of different locations on and below the pier to give you a great mix of photos, and a lot of different things to interact with!

DSC04745 copy

The Nature/Park Look


I think most people would be surprised by the beautiful pictures that can be taken at your local park. The one in the photo below is a park that's down the street from my house! (If you're near La Crescenta, try CV Park! I love it!) Is there a park near you that has some special features like a bridge or a stream? How about one with a rose garden or a pond? These can all be great options!


Don't think your park is good enough? Would you be surprised if I told you the photo below was taken at a park with only one tree in it? Don't rule out any location!


The City Look


Downtown LA has so many options for photo shoots. There's the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Library, the many statues that litter the streets of downtown, Angels Flight, Chinatown, and etc. All of these would be great photo locations!


I hope this helps with your search for a location!

Have another question for a FAQ post? Let me know in the comments!


Janeen Ball said...

I just posted this on the knot for our knotties. Great suggestions, thanks Laura!