November 9, 2011

Wedding: David & Nicole

D&N2 Untraditional.
That describes David & Nicole perfectly.
It descibes their wedding perfectly too.
But not their love, their love is an old fashioned love. The kind you usually find in fairy tales.

David & Nicole, I am so happy for guys! I am so glad we met, because now I consider you both friends! And plus, I think after 2 family weddings I'm part of the family now ;)
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You know how I said this wedding was untradtional? Well, instead of clinging their glasses to get the bride & groom to kiss, tables had to sing songs with the word "Love" in them! It made for some good laughs!

Also, before the first dance David & Nicole had to play the Newlywed Game! I think they did a pretty good job!
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My brides!
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