February 21, 2012

Engagement: Joel & Miranda

I don't think I could have asked for a better way to start off 2012!

Can I tell you how awesome Joel and Miranda are? 
I sent Miranda an email the week before our shoot and suggested bringing a picnic to make the shoot a little more fun. I wasn't expecting anything other then a blanket and maybe a wine bottle. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped when I showed up and they had, what I like to call, the "World's Most Perfect Picnic" ready to be set up, as well as their bikes (with the basket full of flowers!), and their two adorable dogs in tow.

Thank you Joel and Miranda for starting off my 2012 in such an awesome way! 
I can't wait until your wedding! 

(And thank you Brandi for your help! The shoot wouldn't have been the same without you!)

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February 2, 2012

Alaskan Cruise: Ketchikan

I was so excited for our day in Ketchikan! We had decided before going on our trip that the one big excursion we wanted to do was zip-lining. I LOVE zip-lining. My husband and I actually met while working at a camp. We had a zip-line at this camp and I fell in love with it! I'm scared of falling from heights, but something about knowing just how strong those ropes are keeps the fear away! Of course, taking a whole ropes course class in college helps too... 
When we arrived in Ketchikan it was barely sprinkling. Ketchikan is known for it's rain (they even have a liquid sunshine gauge!) so I wasn't surprised. We hopped on our bus that was taking us to the zip-line course and started driving. Then the rain hit! I've never seen rain like that! Buckets and buckets of rain were pouring down! We got off the bus at our destination and ran for cover. We all climbed into the All-Terrain that was taking us to the top of the course. It was a really bumpy ride! (I'll have to upload the video later!)
  alaska50001 alaska50002 
We ran into the lodge at the top of the course and got our instructions and equipment. Lucky for those of us without rain jackets, they provided the nice red ones you'll see in the pictures. They didn't allow us to take our big fancy cameras on the course (and really, who would want to anyways?), so all the pictures you see of us on the zip line and rope bridges were taken with my little trusty point and shoot! 
  340846_820655338266_30500179_38210920_6643915_o 321842_820655757426_30500179_38210930_7216080_o 323586_820656126686_30500179_38210935_1824682_o 338806_820656326286_30500179_38210939_2115965_o 324082_820656715506_30500179_38210945_7274492_o 286302_820657039856_30500179_38210948_5652227_o 341182_820657194546_30500179_38210951_2064253_o 324422_820657364206_30500179_38210955_4597217_o 287178_820657488956_30500179_38210957_5097308_o 329190_820657828276_30500179_38210964_8124148_o 288946_820658646636_30500179_38210977_5198818_o 333130_820658761406_30500179_38210979_8382524_o 
The rain had stopped and the sun came out by the time we got back into town. It was so nice to be able to experience both types of weather in the rainiest city in Alaska! Ketchikan is such a cute town, we almost didn't want to leave!
  alaska50003 alaska50005 alaska50006 alaska50007 alaska50008 alaska50009 alaska50010 alaska50012 alaska50013 alaska50014 
The people in this town call this statue the "Mooning Eagle". Any guesses why? ;)
  alaska50022 alaska50017 alaska50018 alaska50019 alaska50020 alaska50021

Up next: We head home and stop by Victoria, BC!