April 28, 2011

New York Part One: New Haven & Yale

I'm finally ready to show you my photos from our trip! After sorting through all 800 them, I've finally narrowed them down enough to show you :)

We started our trip by heading to New Haven, Connecticut. Why would we do that? My brilliant sister is there studying at Yale! I haven't been back to see her yet, so since we were so close we made the 2 hour trip up from New York.

We were starving by the time we got there, so we headed straight out to dinner! And what better place then the place that created the hamburger! Louis Lunch is a TINY little joint in the middle of New Haven. And by tiny I mean TINY. There is only seating for 10 people at most.


They still use the original ovens (is that what they are? I have no clue what to call them!) that they have always used!


These burgers are a little different then most. The bun is just white toasted bread, and they only come with tomato and onion! No ketchup! In fact, they have a sign that tells you you can't put ketchup on it!


The next day my mom and I walked around Yale before we met up with my sister. Yale totally reminds me of Oxford. It's almost creepy how similar they are!



Apparently if you rub the foot of the statue of Theodore Woodlsey it's good luck. Couldn't hurt!




After we met up with my sister, we got to check out the lab that she works in! It was fun looking at all the test tubes and chemical formulas that I will never understand.


Then we headed to East Rock Park. From the park you can see all of New Haven.


The next day we headed into New York City.... which I'll have for you next time!