January 21, 2009

Family: Christmas

I've been a terrible blogger lately, and I apologize. The holidays caught up with me, then I got sick, and then I was just trying to pull my life back together. I think I'm finally caught up ;) After this post my pictures may hop around a bit, so bear with me!

Let's start with Christmas! 

Christmas morning started off with my husband and I opening our presents to each other in our little studio apartment. I like to call it our "Little Studio Christmas" since we had our little 4 foot tree and the yule log playing on TV. In our defense, we wanted to have KOST playing and since it was raining the radio came in terribly. The yule log was our only other option. 

We then headed over to my parents house to open presents with them. We made yummy yummy monkey bread and drank hot coco. Then it was off to my Aunt's house for the rest of the day. 

(I apologize for how photoshopped some of these images are. Basically with the rain, I was stuck indoors, my built in flash sucks, I refuse to use it, so my pictures come out yellow. Anyone want to give me $300 for a nice one?)