January 21, 2010

Rain & Rainbows

Sorry I've been missing in action! I'm back though!

It's been raining like crazy here over the past week! Being in the "burn area" it's been extra fun. Friends of ours are evacuated yet again. This time due to mudslide danger instead of fire danger. Doug's school was closed today in order to keep roads clear for emergency personnel. Yes, these SoCal kids got a rain day instead of a snow day!

The weather has been the strangest I've ever seen. Rain in SoCal usually means a little drizzle, but this week the sky has opened up and sent waterfalls of water down upon us. There has been hail and lightning. And did I mention a few tornadoes? It's been crazy.

We did get a little break yesterday, as well as a beautiful double rainbow! It was extremely bright! Just gorgeous...



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