February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I hope you all had as good of a day as I did!

My hubby is so silly. After making breakfast he cut the toast to look like hearts. (AWW). And, why yes. I do love my eggs scrambled, over cooked, and browned. It's really the only way to eat eggs. Well, unless you make it a omelet. But that's a whole other story....


This year we were going to have a "Shoestring Valentines". So in honor of that we only used gift cards and memberships the whole day. So we headed to the LA Zoo! It was a beautiful day, I swear the high was in the 90's, which made for a fantastic day!


We ran across this beautiful peacock while attempting to take a short cut.





I tried taking some "artsy" pictures instead of my usual 500 animal pictures.


I'm apparently a sucker for animals that look like little rats. All day I couldn't stop pointing out the cute rat looking animals. Like the meerkats. This little guy stole my heart.


Look at him! Just sitting there chilling. Acting like no one is looking at him.


Ok, maybe he did notice ....


Then there are the prairie dogs. This little guy came right up to me and sat there. I'm telling you, he was asking to have his picture taken!


There was also this little guy. I'm not sure what he is, but he sat here until I was done taking his picture. Then a family showed up behind me and he ran away. So cute!


And last but not least, a little texture shot to end the day!

What did you do for Valentine's Day?


Regina said...

Great shots! Love the pine cones!

Jennifer said...

OMG!!! I went to the zoo too! But my pics weren't as nice as yours!