February 18, 2009

Some of my favorites... Part 1

I randomly decided yesterday to go through all my old pictures on my computer. I have so many pictures I love. Some from vacations, some from just around the house, and some from holidays with the family. Each one has some memory attached.

So I thought I'd throw them into photoshop and show them in their full glory. Enjoy!

This was a sign posted at the camp Doug and I met at. I always loved it!

In 2005 my cousin was studying abroad in Oxford so I went to visit her for spring break. We went to Paris for 3 days (well 2 and Paris Disneyland for 1, yes we're just that big of Disney fans!). 2005 was the year that London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris were all bidding for the 2012 Olympic Games. It was so cool to see London and Paris all decked out trying to win the bid. Extra points if you can tell me who got it...

We had the bright idea to go to the Good Friday service at Notre Dame while in Paris. I didn't understand a single word.

If I had to pick one picture that was my all time favorite picture I've ever taken... this one would be it.
We had just walked down the Eiffel Tower (yes, I did say WALKED DOWN... and no, I don't recommend ever doing that) and we went to the small park area that is next to it to rest. Needless to say... something magical happened.