April 13, 2009

Holiday: Easter

If you are keeping track you will notice that this is my 3rd Easter post. Easter has been a really long event this year. Between special events at work and family obligations, it's been a busy time, in a good way ;)

My family celebrated Easter the week before Easter, while I was busy working. A large chunk of my extended family is traveling the world right now, so the real Easter was out of the question for the big family event. So what's a girl to do? Those of us left behind got together to have our own Easter!

The hubby, my sister, and myself headed down to Irvine to hang out with my cousins and my cousin's friend. It was such a nice day so we decided to walk around Laguna Beach, or more specifically the new Montage Laguna Beach Resort (if I won the lottery I would so stay there!). The views from the pathways are just stunning. I can only hope my photos do it justice!

We totally saw the Easter Bunny. He's small but he gets the job done. And I found an Easter Egg he left around. It was blue... and full of old dirty jelly beans. Seriously.

When I saw this wall I knew I needed a picture of my swimmer sister in front of it. This is her "Why are you taking a picture of me in front of this wall" face ;) Love ya sis!

Then we headed down to the water. I still can't get over how many people we NOT taking advantage of the wonderful weather!

My cousin's friend Kristin and my cousin Stacey

Thanks for a great Easter guys!