June 15, 2009

Kids: Gold Rush Day

As promised, I bring you the rest of Gold Rush Day!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post pictures of student's faces so this post will be full of half faces, hair in face, hat covering face...etc. It makes me sad that I can't share some of my favorite pictures with you. I totally understand why there is the rule, I just wish it wouldn't mess with my blog post ;)

The day started with a pancake breakfast, gold miner style!
I'm not so sure gold miners had chocolate chip pancakes though...
DSC03736 copyDSC03741 copy

Then the students got to make their own pouches to put the gold they got in.

DSC03728 copy

As the kids finished up eating and getting their pouches together, "gold" got placed into the dirt for them to mine out later.

DSC03749 copyDSC03752 copy

My husband played Sheriff. He threw kids in jail for just about anything. The kids started cheating on their games so he would throw them in jail.

DSC03784 copy

One of the activities outside was washing! I loved this one. They had to take a rag, soak it, scrub it 5 times with soap, run it across the washing board 5 times, rinse, ring, and hang. I've never seen boys so into washing things!

DSC03759 copy Filmy B&W copy

DSC03814 copy

DSC03816 copyDSC03855 copy Filmy B&W + Sepia copy
Random side note: This was my grandmothers washing board. I absolutely love it.
I think this is the first time I've ever seen it used though.

DSC03854 copy

DSC03896 copy Filmy B&W + Sepia copy

DSC03904 copy

DSC03909 copy

DSC03936 copy 3

The kids panned for gold. I've never seen kids so excited to find rocks painted gold.

DSC03787 copy

DSC03821 copyDSC03825 copy

DSC03824 copy

DSC03858 copyDSC03880 copy

DSC03897 copyDSC03900 copy

DSC03912 copyDSC03918 copy

DSC03919 copy

DSC03925 copyDSC03933 copy

One of the activities that they never got around to was using the spittoon. One of the mothers had to try though. She took a gummy bear and spit it towards the spittoon... and she made it in!

If you look closely you can see the red streak of the gummy bear going past the lower part of the door.

DSC03893 copy

And because I just couldn't help it...

DSC03940 copy B&W + Sepia copy

DSC03945 copy B&W + Sepia copy

Next was lunch!

The parents made stew and chili and cornbread for the kids to eat. Yummy!

DSC03961 copyDSC03963 copy

DSC03965 copy

After lunch we headed back inside to do some Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining!

This activity is quite fascinating. Each kid starts out with $19. Each one gets to buy a type of chocolate chip cookie. There were 3 different types and each one cost a different amount. Then they get to pick which tools they want to use; flat toothpick, round toothpick, or paper clip. They can only use this tool (no hands!) so which tool they pick is very important. Each tool costs a different amount and they can only buy 2. Then they get to choose how long the want to mine for, each minute (up to 3) costs a different amount.

Then they get to mine!

DSC03981 copyDSC04005 copy

DSC03997 copy

After 3 minutes they count up how many chips they mined out. Each chip is worth $2, so they get to see if they got their moneys worth! (If you want the exact directions for how this game is done, shoot me and email and I can get it for you)

This was the winners cookie:

DSC04008 copy

Then both 4th grade classes got back together to sing some Gold Rush songs. I still have these stuck in my head!

DSC04014 copy

And this would be my husband playing guitar. :)

DSC04015 copy

Thanks guys for letting me hang out all day! It was so much fun and I learned a ton!


Yelena R. said...

This looks like so much fun! Such a creative day for the kids :)

I can totally relate to you about not being able to use pictures of kids...recently I did a mentoring program sponsored by my school, but I was not able to use any of the pictures I took for my final project because of the school rules :(

Hannah said...

These are really fantastic, Laura!