June 10, 2009

Kids: Two Little Cuties

Last Friday was Gold Rush Day for my husband's 4th grade class. Yes, us crazy Californians make our 4th graders dress up in time period outfits, pan for gold, and eat stew and chili for lunch. But that's a post for another day. (I'm still trying to find out which photos I'm allowed to post... Boo!)

Today it's all about 2 little cuties that came with their mom to... umm... help. I don't know how much a 2 year old can help, but they were so dang cute. To keep with the theme that day their mother dressed them in little white sundresses and white sweaters. I guess back in the 1800's little girls dressed in all white so when they got dirty from climbing around in the dirt their mothers could just bleach their dresses! How brilliant is that? If I have a little girl, she might just wear white everyday. Maybe.

Little Girls + White Dresses + Pink Cowgirl Boots + Puddles = Perfection

DSC03937 copy

DSC03940 copy

DSC03941 copy

DSC03944 copy B&W + Sepia copy

DSC03942 copy B&W + Sepia copy

DSC03945 copy

DSC03946 copy B&W + Sepia copy

DSC03951 copy

DSC03953 copy

DSC03958 copy

DSC03950 copy B&W + Color copy


Yelena R. said...

These pictures are adorable! I especially like the last one :)

Aileen said...

these girls are ADORABLE!

Hannah said...

These are so cute! I especially like the clack and white ones. the lighting is *just right*.

Anonymous said...

I love both of their shoes!!www.

MCH said...

Love the children (pretty!!), love the outfits, love the pictures. The pink boots are awesome!

Jenna said...

Very interesting fact about the girls wearing all white. It looks like these girls might have dirtied their hems while playing in the puddles. Love love love those pink boots.