September 30, 2009

Kids: Hula Hoops & Smiles

I'm a complete sucker for cute kids.
And dogs.
But mostly cute kids.

Photographing kids is so different then photographing adults. Have you ever noticed the second that you point a camera at an adult, their eyes turn towards the camera, they try to make their most photogenic smile, and certain ones even try and pose. Little kids are fantastic because they have NO CLUE that the camera is within 50 miles of them. Slightly older kids are usually the ones that see the camera and make the goofiest faces and snuggle tightly with their friends to get a group shot. They are always excited to see how they look in the picture and a lot of the time they will jump back in front of the camera to get another one.

I guess that's why I love bringing my camera to events and Doug's school. There are tons of kids willing to be my subjects!

I got lucky at the Back to School BBQ a few weeks ago to get to see one of the teacher's baby. I hadn't seen her since last Christmas, and wow has she grown! She was so cute trying to play with the big kid's hula hoops that I couldn't help but get some photos!








Yelena R. said...

What a cutie! I love her eyes :)