April 22, 2010

Disneyland: Food & Wine Festival

We've taken a few trips to Disneyland in the last few weeks, so I'm going to lump them into one post!

A few weeks ago we got to take my sister with us to Disneyland! She hasn't been in a while, and since she's headed off to get her Doctorate (at YALE!) in the fall, we decided it would be the best time to go and give her a break from school.

(We look nothing alike!)

I had some fun taking pictures of the fence around the Matterhorn.




This weekend we went again (yeah for 2fer tickets!) and we got to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival at California Adventure. My mom and I had gone to one of the food demonstrations last year and loved it, so we had to do another demonstration this year. Unfortunetly the one at the main tent was already full, so we headed to another one that seemed interesting. This one was put on by Driscoll's Berries and it was all about how to pair berries with other food/ingredients.

The set up is always so fancy.


The chef that gave the talk was the head chef for Granville Cafe (located in Glendale & Burbank. SOOO good!!). She looked a little nervous!


We were lucky enough to get the front row. And 3 huge beautiful strawberries.


They also gave us a sheet of various pairings we could do with strawberries. Most were not your typical strawberries & chocolate, but balsamic vinegar or pepper.


This is one of the heads of Driscoll's Berries. He explained all about why their berries are so juicy and amazing (seriously, I dripped all over the table cloth). It's such a complicated process!


The chef walked us through why savory flavors work so well with the sweet flavors of the strawberries. Fascinating!


Then we got to try it! We had to dip the strawberry in the pepper first, then balsamic vinegar, and finally brown sugar. It may sound totally weird, but they tasted good! And I'm a picky eater!


It helped that the strawberries were amazing....


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Regina Lynn said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! I *blush* never knew there so many cool things to do at Disneyland!