September 20, 2011

Wedding: David & Cristina

Sometimes after shooting a wedding I feel ridiculously lucky to have a job where I get to witness true love. That was how I felt after David & Cristina's wedding. You can just tell that they are crazy about each other. They were basically inseparable from the moment they said I do, until the very end of the night. You could see in in David's eyes as Cristina walked down the aisle, and you could see it in the joy Cristina showed as they made their way back down the aisle as husband and wife. 

David & Cristina, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding! I wish you all the best!

D&C4 D&C3 D&C5 D&C7 D&C8 D&C12 D&C1 D&C10 D&C11 D&C13 D&C17 D&C18 D&C9 D&C14 D&C15 D&C16 D&C21 D&C22 D&C20 D&C24 D&C23 D&C25 D&C26 D&C27 D&C28 D&C29 D&C30 D&C31 D&C32 D&C33 D&C34 D&C36 D&C35 D&C6 D&C37 D&C19 D&C38 D&C41 D&C39 D&C40

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Great Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, BEAUTIFUL pictures!