September 8, 2011

Wedding: Eddie & Alicia

Eddie and Alicia are a couple made in couple heaven. You just feel it when you're around them. But it was cemented by the tears that made their way down Eddie's cheeks as Alicia walked down the aisle towards him. You could just feel the love. I don't think I'll ever forget when Alicia turned around during a lull in the ceremony and gave me the biggest smile I had seen on her face all day. This truly was the happiest day of her life.

Eddie & Alicia had a beautiful black & white themed wedding (after Eddie's favorite pair of classic Vans!) at the San Fernando Mission and the 94th Aero Squadron. I decided to do something a little different for this post and go with their theme... black & white!

Eddie and Alicia, thank you so much for letting me shoot your wedding! I feel like you are more then just clients, but friends instead.

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Anonymous said...

Eddie & Alicia's Wedding Photos are AMAZING, and made me a bit emotional all over again... I love the B&W theme!
Eddie and Alicia are truely meant to be ONE...

With Love,
Imelda Avelar

Anonymous said...

I love them


Anonymous said...

Que Dios Los Benga y que vivan mil anos juntos.

Maria Avelar

James Morris said...

Fantastic photos! Mad Men style all the way. Love the black and White. The theme is captured throughout, while making Eddie and Alicia total classics. These photos are timeless! Love the Vans!

Anonymous said...

These photos are simply Stunning! They truly capture how in LOVE you two really are! We had such an amazing time, everything was so beautiful!!

Lots O Love,
Nordenflycht Fam-Bam