January 26, 2012

Alaskan Cruise: Juno

We spent the next two days at sea. It was nice and relaxing, but we were all itching to see land. As soon as there was the tiniest bit of land in site, half the boat was outside taking pictures. It was amazing to see the untouched natural beauty of Alaska, as well as the little houses dotting the coast line. 

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We finally docked in Juno a few hours later then expected. Our boat was the farthest from town, and we knew we just had to catch a bus to see the biggest attraction in town, the Mendenhall Glacier! 

We had a great bus driver. Typically they just drive you straight to the glacier and let you off, but once ours found out that this was our first stop in Alaska he stopped by a stream to let us view the salmon running! I am so grateful that he did that for us because those ended up being the only salmon that were running on our entire trip!

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As soon as we got off the bus at the Mendenhall Glacier, we heard a rumor that a bear had been sighted on one of the pathways near the river. We walked down to check it out but didn't see anything. On our way back to the visitor center one of the Rangers pointed out the bear sleeping in the tree! It was so adorable, and I'm glad it was asleep!

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And yes, they really are that blue in person. If I understood it correctly, the ice is blue because it's never come into contact with the air. As soon as it gets air bubbles in it, they turn white, like we're used to! 

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Up next: Skagway and the White Pass Train!