January 25, 2012

Alaskan Cruise: San Francisco

This past August we took a cruise to Alaska. I've been meaning to post pictures since then, but hadn't had a chance! It was an amazing trip, and one I'd take again in a heartbeat. We started in San Francisco,  stopped in Juno, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria (BC). 

We flew up to San Francisco super early on a Monday morning. My amazing friend Emma ( I miss you!!!)  picked us up at the airport and took us around the Fisherman's Wharf area until we had to board our boat. Most of the shops were closed since it was Monday, but it was still fun to walk around and eat the yummies at the Boudin Bakery. 

alaska0001 alaska0002 alaska0003 alaska0023 alaska0006 alaska0007 alaska0008 alaska0009

Our boat held a party on the top deck to celebrate the beginning of our cruise. It seemed like almost everyone on board (all 2,000 of us) was on one of the top decks. We all were waiting for the moment we got to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge! It was such an amazing experience to get to see a part of the bridge that not everyone gets to enjoy! 
As a funny side note, my sisters friend happened to be in San Francisco on the same day as us. She was on the bridge when we passed under, saw our boat, but didn't know we were on it until she checked her Facebook later! Such a small world...

alaska0010 alaska0011 alaska0012 alaska0013 alaska0014 alaska0015 alaska0016 alaska0017 alaska0018 alaska0019 alaska0020 alaska0021 alaska0022

Next: Our short stop in Juno!