May 14, 2012

A few thoughts on Engagement Shoots... ( or Where To Do An Engagement Shoot)

"I wish every engagement shoot could be just like that."

I couldn't help thinking about how awesome yesterday's shoot was when I got home. It was almost too easy. It was one of those moments where I couldn't help but think, I get paid to do this??

It wasn't the people, even though David and Leslie are soo awesome and I CAN NOT WAIT for their wedding next month. It wasn't the location, even though the Farmer's Market was beautiful.

It was the fact that they took me on one of their regular dates. 
I got to be a fly on the wall.

They felt so comfortable even though they were a ball of nerves leading up to it.

And you want to know why?

The shoot was something that they do all the time. 
It wasn't out of the ordinary.

And the funny part? 
They are going to end up with more pictures then I usually end up with. Usually during a shoot there are a ton of duplicates that I have to get rid of. That doesn't happen when you're walking around doing things. Sure, we periodically stopped to pose next to a pretty wall or a fancy doorstep, but the whole shoot is not based on that. 

Instead the pictures tell a story.
The story of you.

For those of you planning engagement shoots in the future, please think of this. 

When you are celebrating your 50th anniversary, would you rather show your grandchildren a posed picture of you two on the beach, or a snippet of what your life was like back before you got married?

 Come back tomorrow to check out the rest of David & Leslie's engagement session!