May 5, 2010

Life via iPhone

This past week has been insane. Between working on our house, my normal job, the side job, and all the favors I've promised co-workers and family... I feel like I haven't stopped moving all week. I guess it's like the say... when it rains it pours!

This also means my poor camera hasn't seen the light of day in a week. To make up for the lack of photo taking, I decided to download a new photo app to my iPhone. I'm such a sucker for apps that make my simple little iPhone photos into something fabulous. And I'm especially a sucker for an app that acts like an old camera and lets you pick different lenses and film and "develops" the photo. I couldn't help myself.

So I spent the week snapping pictures of life with my iPhone and my fancy new app. Enjoy :)

Somehow I adopted a pet snail this week at work. Don't ask...

It was Staff Appreciation Week at work. They decorated the lounge so cute! And free massages on Friday :)

A plant from our house...


I love these little flowers.

We went to Red Robin for dinner one night. The box on the table made me laugh.

Yesterday I was at a swim meet. Again.


Regina Lynn said...

That app makes everything look awesome! I. want. an. iPhone! Whaaaaaaaaa!
Dear Apple, please make the iPhone available for Verizon users. Thanks, me.