May 19, 2011

FAQ: What time to schedule a shoot

So you've decided to schedule a shoot, you've picked your location, and you've decided what to wear... the only thing left to do?

Decide on a time for the shoot!

When couples ask me what time we should meet for a shoot I usually have two suggestions, either early morning (like really early) or right before sunset. Why these times? The light is SO MUCH BETTER. It's soft and light, just beautiful. In fact, the hour before sunset is called "the golden hour" to photographers. Why you ask? Just look at the photo below. This was taken right before the sun set and basically came out of the camera looking exactly like you see it.


If you do a shoot closer to noon, you will end up with really bright direct light that will cause unflattering shadows on your face and an overall unflattering look. Usually if this happens we spend the whole shoot searching for shade, which can be done but it's just not the same.

If you plan on having your shoot during one of these times, please, please, please be on time! There is such a small window in which the light is perfect that if you are late it just won't be the same!

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