May 10, 2011

New York Part 4: The End of an Amazing trip

We went down to Chelsea on Friday morning. I was looking forward to checking out the Chelsea Market after seeing it mentioned so many times on Food Network. When we got off the bus my mom spotted an Apple Store. My sister had just told us a few days before about how she graduated from Caltech with the guy who designs and builds the staircases for the Apple Stores all over the country. In Los Angeles we don't have many multi-story Apple Stores so seeing one with a swirly glass staircase was a treat.


Then we walked down the street to Chelsea Market. I loved walking through the kitchen supply stores that had every kitchen gadget you could ever think of buying.



And then there were the cupcakes.... we didn't try one since it was still way before lunch, but they looked and smelled amazing!



Right down the street from there is High Line Park. I had seen it on an episode of Project Runway and just had to see it for myself! The park is made up of an old converted train track that ran above the city. I loved how they took the look of the old track and modernized it into a beautiful park.



They even have an area for sunbathing! These seats can be moved around on the old track!



The next place we checked out was the flatiron building. You almost wouldn't notice it if you weren't paying attention, but it's quite a sight to see!


We were heading towards Grand Central Station (or terminal as it's known locally!) so we decided to check out the lobby of the Empire State Building! Definitely take a look in if you're nearby! Not only was the lobby beautiful, but they also had a replica of the top of the building lit up in the colors that it would be that night! The day we were there it was going to be Orange and White for Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Foundation.


The next stop was the Library. We didn't go inside, but the outside was impressive!


After grabbing my sister at Grand Central, we checked out Bryant Park (where all the fashion shows are!). They were doing construction to most of it, but they had a cute carousel on the side.


We ate dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner. If you're looking for a fun place to eat where your waiter's are actual Broadway singers that serenade you between bites... this is the place to go! It was so much fun singing along with the staff as they sang our favorite popular songs and Broadway show tunes (even a few Disney ones thrown in for good measure!)

And yes, that would be our waiter up on the booth singing!




The next morning we got bunch at a little place in Greenwich Village called Elephant and Castle. Very cute place and the food was good!


Across the street was a parking lot surrounded by a fence covered in tiles. Upon closer inspection we realized that these were "Tiles for America" which were all commemorating the September 11th attacks. We were able to take a few seconds to reflect on what that day meant for New Yorkers as we looked at the tiles.




We walked around Greenwich Village and checked out the cute architecture.


And we suddenly found ourselves in from of the Flat Iron building again! My sister's reaction was priceless when she turned around and saw an angle that looked like half the building had disappeared!


Thanks Mom for taking me on such a fun trip! I will never forget the fun time we had wandering around the city!