March 23, 2009

Car Break In

Friday morning started like any other weekday. Lying in bed, half awake, I kissed my husband goodbye. He shut the shut the door and was on his way to work. I rolled back over in attempt to sleep for another half hour.

I knew something was wrong when the door opened back up. I turned back over to see what he forgot, or what was wrong. Then he said, "Your morning just got a whole lot worse. Someone bashed the windows of your car with a baseball bat."

I hopped out of bed on the verge of tears, threw some clothes on, and ran out to the street. I had parked on the opposite side of the street that night because there had been no other spots on our side of the street when we had come home. As I ran up to the car I saw this:

I think the little window hurt me the most. Is one window not enough? And how could you look at Tinkerbell looking at you like that and then break her to bits?

These next pictures are totally blurry since I was still shaking so bad, but I had to show them... Glass was everywhere. On the drivers seat, in the bad seat, all over the passenger side, and all over the ground around the car.

The good news is that they only made away with an old iPod that I don't use anymore, has no charge, and is full of Disney songs, so they will be seriously disappointed when they are able to turn it on. They left my relatively new stereo alone, which was my biggest concern while running up to the car.

My mom came out and waiting with me for the window repair guy to show up. At about noon the neighbor down the street came out and realized that his car had been broken into too. They took a briefcase from his car.

The police finally showed up Saturday night to take a police report. I guess there have been a lot of break ins recently in Tujunga, just not in our area. It's just so scary to think of these people walking around outside while we sleep doing these things to us.

If I've learned anything from this experience its to keep your car clean. My car had a few things scattered around and our neighbors car was also messy. They looked in my car, figured there must be something good, knocked over the center compartment, and found my iPod. Please keep your car clean! It will save you a lot of headache one day!

While sitting on the sidewalk waiting for my mom to show up, this little flower made me smile. It's funny how little things can bring a smile to your face.

Note: In my hurry to be out with my car all morning I used my little point and shoot for all these pictures. They arn't anything amazing, the point is more just the pictures themselves.