March 19, 2009

Skateboards: The Park

So after practicing how to photograph quickly moving skateboarders last week, I couldn't help but bring the camera back out this week. This kids are seriously talented and extremely dedicated. They spend more time practicing their sport then most athletes I know.

This is my coworker. Nice sunglasses...

For the record, this kid skates as good as me. AKA not at all.

Do you ever have those moments when you turn around and have no clue what your friend is doing? Ya, I had one of those moments.

Now this kid is the best at the Razor scooter. Now this I can ride, but he can do things I've never dreamed of doing on my little scooter.

Did you know that skateboarders play Connect 4? They do.

And did you really think I could do a post without a ring shot?

I know this belongs to a skateboard. I have no clue what it is though. Just looked cool.