March 9, 2009

Friends: Knottie GTG

It all started last year in January. Doug popped the question and I said yes (or I said of course, we still arn't sure!). Then we were off and running planning a wedding in 8 months. The Knot Boards were the best thing that could of happened to me. The girls there were so supportive and have the best ideas. They are super creative and ridiculously sweet. And they are so fun to hang out with in real life. This weekend I got the chance to meet up with all the new brides (and one married hag like me!), chat, and eat yummy food at Granville Cafe in Glendale.

Photo by nyc_sunshine
The LA Knotties
Top Row (L to R): Jessebel, ptflip, JenFridrich, pedrogirl, nyc_sunshine, Tahoebound 2009, TheSOEXCITEDBride
Bottom Row (L to R): Erika13parr, jagore08, Dazzle_, & princessa_2004
Not Pictured: Penaltyshot



I usually hate anything with sweet potato or yam in it's name, but these sweet potato fries are super yummy!



Dazzle_ & JenFridrich

TheSOEXCITEDBride, penaltyshot, & jagore08


erika13parr & Jessebel


Knottie Ring Shot!

I had so much fun hanging out with you girls, and I can't wait for the next GTG!