March 9, 2009

Olympian: Jason Lezak

So you know that guy from the Olympics, the one who beat France at the last second...

The one that caused this reaction from Michael Phelps...


And won Michael Phelps his last gold at the Beijing Olympics...

Ya, that guy. His name is Jason Lezak and he just so happens to swim for my (old) swim team, Rose Bowl Aquatics. And he was going to swim the 50 meter freestyle at the meet this past weekend, that I was working! So what do you think I did... well bring my big camera of course and ran (ok walked fast, I was a lifeguard after all)to the other side of the pool to snap some pictures, just like everyone else at the meet. But I have connections so I got the best spot ;)

I think he was smiling at me... but we'll never know.

He's at least 10 years older and 2 seconds faster (in the 50 free that's a lot!) then everyone he was swimming against.

I love the group of kids gathered right behind him!

I've never seen this many people lined up to see a race before, ever!

Needless to say, he won. To bad it wasn't a world record or anything. How cool would that be?

Go Rose Bowl!

Note: All Olympic photos not by me. I only wish I was there. Instead I was on my honeymoon ;)