December 2, 2008

Family: Thanksgiving

Welcome to my new blog!

I realized recently that I love photography, and always have. When I was little my dad always had a camera out and would experiment with different ways to take his photos. I remember a trip we took with my 5th grade class to Washington D.C.. My dad let me experiment with the zoom feature on his camera while we were driving around the city. I thought it was so fascinating how you could pick something far away and take a picture of just it. Or there was the time we were at the Lincoln Memorial at night and he showed me how to take a long exposure to get better pictures at night. Since then I've loved taking pictures!

So, welcome to my passion!
Welcome to my love!
Welcome to the new home for my hobby!

And now onto the pictures! Last week was Thanksgiving and I had the privilege of having all the sides of my family together. It was such a nice sunny day to play outside with the kids. And of course I just had to pull out my camera! Enjoy!

This is Sandy, my parent's ridiculously photogenic dog.

My niece, Angelica.

My other niece, Isabel. She just got glasses. Arn't they cute!

My nephew, Scotty. Isn't he a cutie?

Scotty loves Lightning McQueen. I'm pretty sure he even wore these to our wedding!

Corina, my oldest niece.

The kids insisted that we play monkey in the middle with them.
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it!

My new hubby Doug, Angelica, and me.

I think the look on Sandy's face speaks volumes to how we all felt at the end of another Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanks for stopping by!