December 8, 2008

Just a quick update!

Hey everybody! I've got some pictures from this weekend to show you, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. So instead I thought I would get some housekeeping stuff out of the way!

First, I've been getting some wonderful comments from people (Thank you!). Be sure to comment on the blog too! I've set up this blog so you don't need to have a blogger account, or have gmail, to leave a comment. So go comment crazy!

Second, if you use Google Reader to read your blogs, be sure to use the link on the left side of the page to add me to your Reader.

And, I think that's it for now.

Really guys, thank you so much for all your love and support this past week as I try to get this little thing up and running. It's always nice to hear that your family isn't just telling you they like your work because they are your family ;).