December 10, 2008

Moon and Planets: Nature

Random facts about me: In middle school I asked for a telescope for Christmas. In middle school I also did a report on black holes for a week long summer program. Early high school, I wanted to be an astronomer. Late high school, I wanted a star tattoo (but never got it). College, I basically slept through astronomy class (who's idea was it to make that room dark, with leaned back seats, and a super boring professor?) and came out with a C. Late college, I aced my astronomy lab (thanks Andrea!). 

By now you are probably wondering what I'm getting at. 

I've always loved looking at the sky! I can't help it, it's just so fascinating! And last week was no exception. 

On December 1st there was a conjunction between the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Basically, the three objects came together to give us a pretty picture! 

This was on November 30th right after sunset. Venus is the lower (brighter) star and Jupiter is the higher (smaller) one:

And this was December 1st:
Those watching the sky in the Southern Hemisphere were lucky enough to see a smiley face, while us in Northern Hemisphere got a frown! 

Thank you Doug for helping me get these pictures!