May 18, 2009

Kids: Little League

Being a teacher's wife is a funny experience. We have no kids but we get to do all the parent experiences ahead of time.

Open House? Check.
Science Fair? Check.
Zoo? Check.
Little League game? Check!

Honestly, I enjoy it. I get to hear funny stories about these kids all the time, so it's fun for me to get to be a part of their lives too. I think I'd explode if I didn't get to be. I think if the school let me I'd be on every field trip and every "Reward" Assembly.

So Friday we were invited by one of his students to stop by his little league game. Not only is one of his current students on the team, but also one from last year, and plenty of potential ones next year.

Good job boys! We had tons of fun watching you!

DSC03060 copy

DSC03067 copy

DSC03062 copy

DSC03068 copy

DSC03069 copy

DSC03070 copy

DSC03089 copy

DSC03090 copy

DSC03092 copy

DSC03094 copy

DSC03100 copy

DSC03106 copy


Yelena R. said...

I love the colors in these photos! Also, don't you love that photos still come out great even though you're behind a fence? That's one thing I love about my camera.

Laura said...

The funny part was that I totally went up to the fence and stuck my camera through to get some non-fence shots, and I didn't like any of them! I think it gives it more of a ball park feel anyways ;)

Tasha said...

I love that you were able to make a little league game and make it look like the pros. It's amazing how a photographer can change how something comes out.