May 6, 2009

Lisa: Baby Shower

Alan and Lisa have been close friends of my husband since as long as he can remember. Doug was a groomsman in their wedding, and Alan was a groomsman in ours. Lisa is one of the sweetest women I know.

And their having a baby!

Next month!

And it's a boy!

(Can you tell I'm excited?)

Lisa's shower was the past weekend. They baby's room is all decked out in monkeys, so there were monkeys everywhere! If you know my husband and how much he likes monkeys, you won't be surprised with how big of a kick I got out of this theme...

When I arrived, a little monkey was outside to great me...

DSC03038 copy

And then when I got inside, I was greeted by the cutest diaper monkey cake I've ever seen. (FYI: If you are going to a wedding/baby shower, this present is always a hit. I think I'll make one for ever shower I go to now...)

DSC02962 copy

DSC02963 copy

DSC03028 copy

Seriously... that cake was cute.

Lisa's Father in Law left his present on the table for all to enjoy.

DSC03012 copy

His granddaughter calls him Pop, if you were wondering.

DSC03016 copy

The shower was tea party themed. These little guys hung out above our food.

DSC02954 copy

DSC02955 copy

DSC03031 copy

Lisa came up with the favors herself. That's the real ultrasound of the baby! It looks cute already...

DSC02959 copy

For food we had yummy yummy scones, tea sandwiches, mini quiches, and delectable desserts.

DSC02953 copy

DSC02971 copy

I've only been to a handful of baby showers in my life, so this game was brand new for me. We had to pick who Lisa wanted each feature on the baby to take after. Who would have known she would pick Alan's hair for the baby when he's bald!

DSC02961 copy

And we did the ever classic baby food tasting game. I suck. I got 4 out of ten. Everything orange tasted the same to me... eww

DSC02968 copy

Gift time!

DSC02978 copy

DSC02987 copy

Brilliant Gift Idea #2: Baby clothes on a clothesline. Now why didn't I think of that...

DSC02998 copy

DSC03001 copy

Her mother in law knit a quilt for the baby. How sweet is that?

DSC03003 copy

I wasn't the only photographer there. I'm jealous of her flash. (PS It's my birthday this month. Anyone want to buy me one? Or I'll take a check for $500 so I can buy one...)

DSC03017 copy

Would you believe she's 8 months pregnant? At six months she was barely showing. Lucky girl.

DSC03032 copy
Lisa's sister & my pretty little pregnant lady ;)

I guess she's just got good genes!

DSC03034 copy
Lisa & her mom

Congrats Lisa & Alan!
I can't wait for the baby to come! You better let me take pictures of the cutie!

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Yelena R. said...

Great detail shots!