May 19, 2009

Sports: Rose Bowl Open House

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If there is one thing to be said about Pasadena-ians, it's that we love our city. We sleep out on the street every New Years to view floats covered with flowers, we put up with the traffic and tourists that come to every game at the Rose Bowl, and we crowd the Colorado Bridge to view Stealth Bombers fly over.

And we like to eat free hot dogs on the field of the Rose Bowl whenever possible.

We're just crazy like that.

On Saturday the Rose Bowl hosted it's annual open house. You get to see the press boxes, the brand new locker rooms, toss a football around on the field, and you get a free lunch of hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. Who could pass that up?

So, since Doug needed to study this weekend I decided to head down there with my parents. I love the Rose Bowl like crazy (well I did swim about 30 seconds away for most of my life!) and it's always fun to see it without the thousands of people and without any lines on the field.

DSC03139 copy

DSC03143 copy
Just curious, what are they going to do after 2016? No one could answer that...

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If I'm not gallivanting all over the world on the weekends, I'm usually stuck behind one of these on a pool deck. Not exactly the same, but really close!
Love ya Daktronics!

DSC03110 copy
My dad in the press box

DSC03111 copy
Not much to it, huh?

DSC03108 copy
If you look really close you can still see the names of the teams from the 2009 Rose Bowl. Penn State on the left and USC on the right.

DSC03115 copy

DSC03122 copy
The locker rooms are brand new. And REALLY nice. The one is for UCLA and is all decked out in blue and yellow, and the other is red and black.

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Aileen said...

Awe man. I wish I knew about that. The hubs would've loved to go to that. And me too, of course.

Korey O said...

I like that one of the goal post and sun flare!